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This yearbook was only assembled through the tireless work of many Oberlin students and staff members, who jumped into action after campus went remote as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our primary goal was to ensure that there was some way to remember this class and all that we have accomplished over the last four years.

In particular, we are so grateful to the members of the Oberlin College Libraries staff who built this platform and loaded in all of the data and information. They include: Cecilia Robinson, Megan Mitchell, Sara Hasley, Lindsey Felice, and Tim Keller. Without them, this yearbook would have never lifted off the ground. Jessica Bayer Crissman and Monique Burgdorf provided invaluable support and assistance from the student life side. Emily Spreerbrecher and Lauren Haynes ran the Commencement committee that helped all of this come to life. Yvonne Gay provided and helped collect images. Jane Hsieh ’20 provided her coding expertise to smooth everything out and tie loose ends together. Ananya Gupta ’20 and Ify Ezimora ’19 both provided invaluable edits and input on the content.

As a final note, we are grateful to Oberlin’s 15th president, Carmen Twillie Ambar. President Ambar has proven her commitment to Oberlin students time and again, and this dedication to Obies has remained steadfast even through trying times. While we are sad that we will not be able to cross the stage and shake her hand at Commencement this year, we are heartened by her investment in us — it reminds us of all that makes us proud to be Obies. 

OC President Carmen Twillie Ambar

Photography by:

  • Academics: (Neuroscience Research) Mike Crupi; (Mosquito Lab) Mike Crupi
  • Arts & Performance: (Musical Union) Yevhen Gulenko; (Student Dance Showcase) John Seyfried; and (Cosi Fan Tutte) Yevhen Gulenko
  • Giving Back, Paying it Forward: Tiny Ref Desk Concert (Julie Gulenko)
  • Acknowledgements: President Carmen Twilie Ambar (Yevhen Gulenko)