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Across all academic disciplines and genres, the Class of 2020 will leave Oberlin known for its academic excellence. We have succeeded in our endeavors in the classroom, and in bringing what we have learned on campus to communities around Ohio and the world. Graduating seniors conducted research in a broad range of departments and programs, investigating questions of equitable casting process in theater productions, environmental justice, the search for as-of-yet unknown stars, and more. We are Mellon Mays Scholars, members of the STRONG program, researchers in the Oberlin College Research Fellowship, to name only a few of our involvements. We are the writers of theses and capstones, and producers of countless conference presentations and research projects. More than 80 seniors — just about one in eight — will graduate with the distinction of Honors in their respective academic departments or programs this May.

This tradition of sustained excellence is already paying off for the Class of 2020 in their post-grad opportunities, even in the midst of pandemic; graduating seniors are continuing Oberlin’s legacy of being a top producer of PhD candidates, as well as winning prestigious fellowships like the Fulbright and the Truman, among many others. This class’ graduates have already contributed thoughtful, original research to the discourse within their fields, and we know they will continue this work through academic, public service, the private sector, or wherever they move to next. We are excited to keep up with their work, read their books, and celebrate their future achievements.